Ensure Conference Calls Comport with Law, Association Requirements

Ensure Conference Calls Comport with Law, Association Requirements

Meeting by conference call is different from meeting in person, so when you must conduct association business that way, you need to think about certain practical issues before going forward. Use the following four tips when you hold board meetings by conference call. Also, ask your association’s attorney whether your state law requires your association to pass a bylaw amendment allowing board meetings to be held by conference call.

Tip #1: Use conference call service. You can ensure better sound quality for calls and make sure that everyone listening is on the same page by using a conference call service. Just remember to provide each person who should participate with the call-in number and access PIN number they will need to participate on the call.

Tip #2: Use speaker phone. You should use speaker phone when more than one board member participates from any one location.

Tip #3: Prioritize privacy. If you hold a conference call board meeting that isn’t open to other members—such as an executive session of the board—remind board members that the meeting is confidential. Before discussing any substantive issues, confirm with each board member that non-board members aren’t in the room from which he’s participating.

Tip #4: Identify board members before comments. The person running the board meeting should recognize—that is, officially identify—board members who wish to speak before allowing them to do so. Ask each board member to preface her comments by stating her name.