Eliminate Unprofessional Use of Management Resources

Eliminate Unprofessional Use of Management Resources

If you’ve noticed that your management staff employees’ productivity has gone down while their online activity unrelated to work has gone up, it’s probably related. And you need to get the problem under control as soon as possible. Take a two-step approach by first holding a meeting with staff members explaining what you’ve noticed and that you feel there is a connection between personal online activities and decreased productivity. Let employees know that while you understand that occasionally they will need to spend a few moments on personal issues that can be handled online, they are not permitted to use work hours to go online for entertainment.

Second, to reinforce the crackdown on unprofessional online behavior, and to get the right to terminate an employee who continues to use work resources for personal entertainment, have employees sign, as a condition of their employment, an agreement providing that you can view the email they send and receive and the history of websites they have visited.

Your agreement that gives you the right to monitor Internet and email use should tell employees that by signing it, they are acknowledging that:

•                They understand you have rules regarding Internet and email use;

•                They are willing to abide by your rules;

•                You have the right to monitor the websites they visit and their email messages; and

•                They understand the consequences of violating the rules.

You should also consider banning employees from downloading software or apps that serve no legitimate business purpose or that haven’t been approved by you. At the very least, it could slow down your computers; at the worst, it could introduce viruses.