Don't Delay Board's Response to FHA Request

July 17, 2015
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It's important for association boards to address members’ requests under the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) as soon as reasonably possible. A board that delays its response could face major consequences, including going to court to defend its actions.

Recently, a Tennessee case illustrated the point that delay can lead to serious trouble—and legal fees—for an association. In that situation, a board was silent for a period of time after a member made a request to add a room to his home to accommodate his disabled children. The silence was deemed discriminatory by a court. And in a significant Virginia case, an association's delay in responding to a request for accommodation was deemed to be a denial.

For a more in-depth review of these cases and advice on how to avoid unnecessary litigation over fair housing requests, see "Warn Board About Delaying Response to Fair Housing Request," available to subscribers here