Conduct Legal Checkup of Swimming Pools to Avoid Liability

Conduct Legal Checkup of Swimming Pools to Avoid Liability

Make sure that your community swimming pools are ready for action this summer by checking their safety, insurance coverage, and legal compliance. Many associations don’t conduct legal checkups, which is risky considering the number of lawsuits and regulations that exist. A big part of a checkup should be conducting an insurance inspection. Your association should inspect the pool area with a representative from the association’s insurer, if one is available and willing to visit. This person may be able to advise you of ways to reduce the association’s exposure to liability, such as having a telephone that’s immediately accessible in the event of an emergency.

At this time, you should also review your liability insurance. It’s difficult to determine how much liability is sufficient to protect associations against pool-related incidents such as slips and falls and drownings, but input from your association’s insurance agent will be helpful. With the input, the board can consider whether to raise the limits of liability.

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