Avoid ‘Negligent Hiring’ Claims by Vetting Job Candidates

Avoid ‘Negligent Hiring’ Claims by Vetting Job Candidates

Every person who works in your community—from maintenance employees to office staff—will interact with members and potentially have access to sensitive information, including financial documents. When employees are trustworthy, this exposure isn’t an issue. But it’s incredibly difficult to ensure that a new hire won’t turn out to be an opportunist who uses her position for an ulterior motive.

Instead of falling into a costly legal trap called “negligent hiring,” be as careful as possible when hiring employees who will have access to homes and gain the trust of members. One safeguard you can use when considering candidates for employment is to ask for critical information. Your first line of defense is to get applicants to give you key information on your employment application form, which should include:

  • A history of criminal convictions
  • Previous employment information
  • Proof of required licenses
  • Personal references
  • Applicant’s certification that information is accurate

For three more safeguards for your hiring process that will protect you from liability and your members from harm, and a model agreement you can use to ask a job candidate to certify her employment application, see “Avoid Insider Crimes with Four Safeguards for Employee Hiring Process,” available to subscribers here.