Month: October 2016

Determining Whether Condo Resident Is Protected by Debt Collection Law

Q: A resident in one of the units in the condominium building I manage denies that she caused damage to the hallway outside of her unit. A family member of the resident is the actual owner of the unit, but she has been permitted by the association to live there. Under the governing documents, the unit’s owner is obligated to pay for this type of damage. I sent the owner several letters notifying him that he must pay for repairs.

Florida HOA Members Will Have to Wait for Landscaping Legal Precedent

A secret settlement between an Orange County homeowner and an association that insisted on traditional lawns in her community has disappointed Sunshine State HOA members who want a legal precedent they can follow. So-called Florida Friendly landscaping, which uses less irrigation and fertilizer than traditional green lawns, has been at the center of legal fights—despite a 2009 state law crafted to protect Floridan aquifer, river, and lake waters from overuse and pollution. The law has been called “weak” by association experts and attorneys.