Month: April 2013

Use Alternatives to Curfew for Children

In a community where many members have teenage children, managers sometimes have problems with children spray painting and otherwise vandalizing buildings at night in the community. How can you stop the graffiti and vandalism? You might think that imposing a curfew and prohibiting children under a certain age—say, 16 years old—from being outside after a certain time—say, 10 p.m.—unless accompanied by an adult is a simple solution.

Associations’ Concern Grows Over Legal Pot

A recent meeting of the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) centered on issues arising from the passage of a 2012 Colorado referendum legalizing the smoking of marijuana and possession of as many as six marijuana plants. CAI addressed managers’ and associations’ fears about pot smoking in communities, including fielding complaints about the smell of marijuana.

INSIDER’s Pop Quiz!

Q: Your community just finished an extensive landscaping project to reseed lawns and replace plantings. To protect its investment, the community may adopt a rule prohibiting children from playing outside without violating fair housing law. True or false?

Cover 13 Points When Drafting Lease Restriction Bylaw


Ideally, community association members would occupy their own units, rather than lease them to tenants. That’s because associations often feel that renters won’t take good care of the units they’re renting and that they won’t follow community rules. This may seem like a generalization, but you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your community from problems. So is it allowable to limit the number of units at your community that can be leased at any one time? If so, how can you do this fairly?

Determining Liability for Dangerous Condition in Community

Q: The community association I manage uses a separate maintenance company to plow, remove ice from, and salt the parking areas and common areas in the community during the winter. So far, we’ve had no complaints from members about slippery conditions. I try to inspect the work done by all of the contractors we use to maintain various parts of the community, but I can’t always do this every time work has been done.

Was Board’s Water Supply Agreement “Ultra Vires”?

Facts: A condo association on the island of St. Thomas was initially sponsored by a resort corporation. The declaration required the corporation to provide fresh water and wastewater treatment services to the association at a reasonable rate to be determined by several factors. The declaration also made all of the water facilities common property of the association.