Month: June 2012

Maui Association’s Budget Earmarked for Scholarships

Several graduating seniors from a Maui, Hawaii, high school have received scholarships totaling $18,800—courtesy of the Wailea Community Association. A reception was held at a local restaurant to honor the seven graduates. The Wailea Community Association is made up of businesses and homeowners who, as members, contribute to the annual scholarship fund; a portion of…

Initiating Assessment Collection Process

If a member of the community you manage has fallen behind on his assessment fees--and even the association efforts to assist him haven’t helped him to get current on the charges--what’s the next step it can take to recoup what it’s owed? In cases like this one, your association has three options: (1) file a…

Follow Seven Steps to Implement Online Voting

You've probably been frustrated at some time with a lag in member participation in your community's voting process. For everything from board elections to special referendums, a community runs more smoothly when everyone feels involved and that their opinions are heard. Be aware that alienated members are the ones most likely to feel dissatisfied and resentful. That's why it's important to take advantage of the opportunity to implement an online voting process if it's legal to do so in your state.

Connecticut Condo Owner Protection Bill Passes

A new condo owner protection bill that was signed into law recently by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy is expected to even the playing field when association managers and community members face off over finances. The new legislation, which passed in this year's General Assembly session, requires managers of Connecticut community associations to be certified and adhere to high ethical standards of conduct.

Prepare Community for Electric Vehicle Installations

If you're like most association managers, you've tried to make your community as “green” as possible by using environmentally friendly products, implementing a recycling program, or making your office “paperless.” These efforts probably weren't controversial or difficult to achieve. However, the growing movement toward another environmentally friendly tool—electric vehicles (EVs)—will have a greater impact on your community.

Board Has Authority to Install Sewer System

Facts: Four of the 23 homeowners within a community association sued the board of directors, claiming that the undertaking of certain expenditures using association funds was outside the scope of the board's powers as enumerated in the declaration, bylaws, and house rules. Specifically, the group claimed that the expenditure of funds for the hiring of an engineer and the procurement of permits, designs, and surveys in connection with a sewer connection project is unauthorized by the governing documents.

Member Had ‘Easement,’ Not ‘Right,’ to Use Common Areas

Facts: A condo owner in an adult-only community was barred for a two-year period from using the community's recreational facilities and common areas, which included a recreation center, a swimming pool, and tennis courts, for interfering with other members' use of the facilities. He was also fined by the association for the behavior.